“Regional initiative of PLHIV in East Europe and Central Asia”

Overall objective:

To complete all the ECUO main functions – to act in the role of regional controller of access to treatment, to be a representative of community at key regional and international forums, to develop opportunities of local organizations of people, living with HIV and do fundraising to provide sustainable support of PLHIV at the level of countries and the region.

Implementation period

October 2007 – September 2010 yy.

Budget of the Project

€ 350 000

General Info

With the support of Oxfam Novib the project “Regional initiative of PLHIV in East Europe and Central Asia” has started.

Tasks of the project:

  • To form sustainable national networks in 9 countries with distinct gender equity.
    It is planned to strengthen already existing PLHIV national networks in the framework of this work direction in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Belarus) and to encourage forming of national PLHIV networks that are at the stage of their launch (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan). Activities aimed at improvement of qualification of leaders of organizations and the work of Focal Points on the base of already existing organizations and national networks of Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (from June 2008). Focal Point will be responsible for collection, structuring, sharing and dissemination of the strategic HIV/AIDS information and will be also act as a contact person for collecting and sharing of information among PLHIV communities in separate countries and among countries as a whole.
  • By 2009 ECUO is becoming a credible, strong and effective regional and international advocacy organization.
    It is planned to strengthen capacity of the Union in the frames of this direction through educating 40 ECUO members on work methods of advocacy and gender, enlargement of access of PLHIV community to strategic information, PLHIV interests advocacy at international and national levels.
  • Advocacy of meaningful involvement of PLHIV in national and regional decision-making forums.
    It is planned to conduct a research on the level of involvement of PLHIV into the already existing structures, working in the HIV/AIDS sphere at national level, their influence on forming HIV/AIDS policy in the frames of this direction. Also, mechanisms of effective participation of PLHIV in national and regional forums based on the results of the research will be developed. As it is indicated in the GIPPA principles *(in accordance with 1994 Paris Declaration and statements of 2001 UN GA, 2006 GA, 2004 Dublin Declaration), role of PLHIV in decision-making organizations is viewed as critical in overcoming HIV epidemic, in forming national policy and also in implementation and monitoring of the programmes.