ECUO Parents Union

ECUO Parents Union is a new priority area of ECUO activities for the protection of children’s rights uniting at the step of creation organizations from five countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Purpose of creation: “We, parents from EECA, unite and mobilize the potential for improving the life quality of HIV affected children and their legal representatives in the region”.

Each member of ECUO Parents Union has long-term unique experience and is ready to share it with partners to ensure sustainable access to quality medical treatment, social protection and education for HIV-positive children in all EECA countries.

Kanat Alseitov, President of PF “Balakay-Shymkent”, and Evgenia Smirnova, Head of NGO “Small Heart with Art”, were elected during general voting as ECUO Parents Union co-chairs with equal rights

ECUO Parents Union priority areas of joint activities for 2017-2018 are following:

Objective 1. Advocacy of rights of HIV-positive children to access quality medical services according to European treatment protocols; and provision of newest medications.

Objective 2. Providing HIV-positive children and their official representatives with social support.

Objective 3. Ensuring conditions for education.


Public Fundation “Balakay-Shymkent” (Kazakhstan)

Established on 04 February 2009

Mission: “Improving a quality of life and protecting rights of HIV affected children and their families in Kazakhstan.

President of PF “Balakay-Shymkent” – Kanat Alseitov

  • Republic of Kazakhstan, South-Kazakhstan oblast, 160031,
    Shymkent, Karatau district
    Tassay, 3529 Novostroyka Str.
  • +7 7252 556220, +7 701 3224419

NGO “Small Heart with Art” (Ukraine)

Small Heart with Art is a unique charitable art project and the same-name NGO. Established in 2014 by an initiative group of volunteers in Kiev.

Main purpose: to help HIV/AIDS affected children in Ukraine.
Head of the Board – Evgenia Smirnova


Public Association “Peer-to-Peer+”

Providing social, psychological and legal assistance to HIV + children and their parents, increasing the number of people involved in HIV prevention

President of Public Association “Peer-to-Peer+” – Elkeev Sagyngali

Charitable Foundation ‘‘Helping HIV affected children “Children Plus” (Russia)
Charitable Foundation ‘‘Helping HIV affected children “Children Plus” is created to support children and adolescents who were born with HIV.

Our purpose is to improve the life of HIV + children, integrate them into the social environment, change the attitude of society towards such children, help HIV + children from orphanages find new families or create conditions for returning to their own families. One of the main objectives is improving skills of specialists working with HIV-infected children.

Foundation “Children Plus” is based on the community of HIV-infected children foster parents in Moscow, which has existed since 2005.
Director of Foundation – Olga Kiryanova


Association «CREDINTA» (Moldova)

Public Association “CREDINŢA” was established on the basis of an initiative group of PLWHA, formed in 1997, and officially registered on January 30, 2002. The organization has a necessary experience in providing a wide range of HIV care continuum services, as well as an integrated approach in the support of clients, established communications and relevant potential of human and other resources needed for projects implementation. Projects aimed on psychosocial support for PLWH have been implementing since 2002.

Head of the organization – Ludmila Untura

  • Moldova, Chisinau,
    7 M. Kostin Str. office 501 (left side)

NGO “Estonian Network of PLWH”

Purpose of organization: “To improve the life quality of PLWH by bringing together all stakeholders to provide psychological, social, advisory, and legal assistance, and advocate drug availability and diagnostics for PLWH in Estonia”

Director –  Latsin Alijev


  • Oismae tee 36-8, 13511 Tallinn, ESTONIA
  • +372 565 063 16