Advocacy achivements

Advocacy regional/national strategies and plans on scaling-up access to treatment were developed and implemented in Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Regional Advisory Group on access to treatment established and its meetings conducted (RAG); the results of strategy implementation were presented at the second RAG meeting in June 2014.

Events to commemorate the World AIDS Candlelight Memorial day and World AIDS Day held in all targeted countries with the help of ECUO’s staff.

ECUO has collected the data from all ECUO member-countries and developed country profiles on ARV treatment access.

Continuous sharing of advocacy community-driven best practices among PLHIV organizations and partners in EECA region was ensured.

The Analysis of legislative and policy barriers for introduction and effective operation of community-based HIV testing and counselling in 7 countries of EECA was conducted in 2015.

The best community-based practices of consulting and HIV testing in EECA were collected  in 2015.

The Regional meeting “Scaling up access to HIV testing and counselling as an imperative for reaching the  90-90-90 targets” was conducted in 2015 in a partnership with UNAIDS RST.

Regular monitoring on the cases of discrimination towards PLHIV  in medical settings was established in 3 countries of EECA.