ECUO 10-Year Narrative and Financial Report

We, at ECUO, are delighted to present our 10-Year Narrative and Financial Report, which offers a comprehensive insight into the activities of the organization. This document not only illustrates the history of our organization, but also the results of our work, the idea of establishing ECUO, the organization’s path, its growth and development, as in the past 10 years we proved our dynamism and ability to address gaps in HIV responses and support communities of people living with HIV/AIDS in the region of EECA, to change and improve the quality of people’s lives, to protect their human rights and interests.

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We invite the readers to learn more about ECUO projects implemented over the past ten years, the structure of the organization, and its achievements, successes, as well as challenges. One can get acquainted with our organization publications within the years of its existence, as well as the sources of funding and the amounts given to the organization.

Within all these years, we mobilized communities of people and organizations all throughout EECA to come together to improve access to prevention, treatment, care, and support for adults and children living with HIV. We provided technical assistance, trainings, and advocacy tools to increase the regional capacity in its response against the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

We are pleased that ECUO’s accomplishments are contributing to a better quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS. Despite all the challenges, both internal and external, we still operate and continue to tackle issues with the upmost respect and care, and we look forward to serving our goals and mission in the years to come.