Keep Calm and Get Tested for HIV/Do tell your neighbor

Social media campaign “Do tell your neighbor” (DTYN) was launched at the beginning of the European HIV testing week in November 2013 and went on till the mid of 2014. The campaign aimed to promote the HIV testing and decrease PLWH stigma and discrimination. It was launched in South Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan) and Russia.  Due to the campaign just in first three month more than 233, 000 people were introduced to the idea of necessity of testing and participated in promotion  of campaigns slogans and ideas. In terms of the campaign at the first month of actions more than 850 people came to receive a rapid test.  Also as a result the message and posters became widely recognized in South Caucasus, especially among youth.

All about HIV testing in different countries

Hot phone lines:
Azerbaijan: +994 124 40-06-40
Armenia: +37 410 24-93-18; +37 410 61-08-20
Georgia: +995 555 25-55-80
Russia: +7 926 824-50-71; 8 800 200-55-55 (бесплатный звонок)
Lithuania: +370 600 15-950
Ukraine: 0 800 500-451
Uzbekistan: +998 71 230-75-29
Moldova: 0 800 80-808