“Working Together” is a community-driven guide to meaningful involvement in national responses to HIV

“Working Together” is a guide to increase and improve the meaningful involvement of the community sector in all aspects of national AIDS responses. Meaningful involvement is about much more than community groups being invited to or included in meetings. It is inclusive and participatory in all stages and at all levels of the AIDS response. Meaningful involvement is also creative and effective and reflects the ground-breaking and risk-taking approaches developed by the community sector. It is non-stigmatizing and non-discriminatory and rights-based. Furthermore, it recognizes and adheres to international principles and commitments.
Based on the understanding and evidence that the community sector have a vital role to play in action on HIV, the guide emphasizes a community-driven approach to national planning and decision-making processes. It also offers practical support and guidance on the exchange of ideas to strengthen community sector’ coordination, consultation and representation.

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