The official statement of ECUO on the dissemination of false information.

We have learnt that on a web-page Noah Pride in the section “Our Partners” logo of ECUO was published. In the description below its mentioned that “organization” perceives us as potential partners.

We apprise this fact as clear manipulation and intentional dissemination of incorrect and misleading information.

ECUO would like to officially state that we don’t have any relations, have never communicated and do not support the above mentioned web-page or with so called “organization”, mentioned on a web-page.

Moreover, as we get notified from our Partners in Armenia, this so called “organization” has no connections with LGBT community of Armenia or protection of the Interests of LGBT people.

ECUO is extremely concerned with the latest Anti-LGBT developments in Armenia. Unfortunately, there are many cases, especially during the last few months, when LGBT issues are manipulated and speculated. As a result, the stigmatized and discriminated LGBT Community and persons are again becoming a target of homophobia, discrimination and limitations of rights and freedoms. All of this does not contribute to democratic development of Armenia, but only supports the rise of the level of homophobia and hate speech, developing of hostility in society.

ECUO has always supported and will continue to support ideas of equality, freedom and acceptance for all, including for LGBT people, both in Armenia and in other countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Every person, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, has the right to live in freedom and in equality with everyone, in dignity and without fear.