Community (Organization) of PLWH presented by ECUO Member

Communities (Organizations) of PLWH in Uzbekistan

Composition of Community (Organization)

  1. NGO “Ishonch va Hayot” (Association of PLWH / AKP and their families).
  2. NGO “Anticancer Society of Uzbekistan”.
  3. Direction Women and children plus, “Ishonch va Hayot”.

ECUO Member

Evgeniya Korotkova, Member of the Board at NGO “Ishonch va Hayot”.

E-mail: evgeniay.korotkova@gmail.com

Focal Point

Sergey Uchaev, Chair of the Board at NGO “Ishonch va Hayot”.

E-mail: sergey.uchayev@mail.ru

Establishment date

03 March 2010

Main goals

  1. Fighting stigma and discrimination; respect to the rights of PLWH.
  2. Increasing access to treatment, non-medical care and support for PLWH and their families.
  3. Social integration of PLWH.
  4. Activities forming a tolerant attitude of society towards PLWH.
  5. Assistance in the implementation of Strategic program to prevent HIV-infection in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  6. Capacity building of organization, PLWH community, and other vulnerable groups.
  7. Creating HIV / AIDS informational and educational framework for PLWH and other vulnerable groups.
  8. Assistance in the preparation of social workers, HIV / AIDS trainers and consultants, based on peer-to-peer principle.
  9. Development socially significant programs for vulnerable groups.


Registered address: 18, Lutfiy Str., Tashkent, 100138, Republic of Uzbekistan

Correspondence address: Chilanzar district, 19-40 / 92, Tashkent, 100156, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone: +998 903-183-747

E-mail: plh.uzb@gmail.comsergey.uchayev@mail.ruevgeniay.korotkova@gmail.com

Website: plh.uz