Community (Organization) of PLWH presented by ECUO Member

Consortium of Organizations of Kazakhstan

Composition of Consortium

  1. Public Foundation “Women’s Network of PLHIV in Kazakhstan” (Almaty).
  2. Public Foundation “My Home” (Temirtau).
  3. Public Foundation “Balakay-Shymkent” (Shymkent).

ECUO Member

Yelena Bilokon, Chair at Public Foundation “Women’s Network of PLHIV in Kazakhstan”

E-mail: bilokon-21@mail.ru, bilokon@ecuo.org

Focal Point

Кanat Аlseitov, President at Public Foundation “Balakay-Shymkent”

E-mail: alseitov70@mail.ru, alseitov70@gmail.com, alseitov@ecuo.org

Establishment date

22 March 2017

Main goals

Supporting PLWH and their family members.


Correspondence address: 3529 Novostroika Str., r/a Tassay, district of Karatau, Shymkent, 160031, South Kazakhstan Region, Republic of Kazakhstan

Phone: + 7 (7252) 55-62-20

E-mail: bilokon-21@mail.ru, bilokon@ecuo.org, alseitov70@mail.ru, alseitov@ecuo.org