Community (Organization) of PLWH presented by ECUO Member

Communities (Organizations) of PLWH of Georgia

Composition of Community (Organization)

    1. NGO “Relief Fund for PLWH”.
    2. NGO “Georgian Plus Group”.
    3. NGO “Real People, Real Vision”.

ECUO Member

Lasha Tvaliashvili, Executive Director at NGO “Real People, Real Vision”

E-mail: lasha_tvaliashvili@yahoo.com, lashat@ecuo.org

Focal Point

David Ananiashvili, Director at NGO “Georgian Plus Group”

E-mail: silversilk.mail@gmail.com

Establishment date

05 August 2010

Main goals

  1. Supporting PLWH and their family members.
  2. Creating an enabling environment for PLWH and working on integration them into society as full members.
  3. Advocacy and PLWH rights protection at all levels.


Address: Tbilisi, Kojori, 0122, Georgia

Correspondence address: Tbilisi, Kojori, 0122, Georgia

Phone: +995 (55) 25-55-80

E-mail: lasha_tvaliashvili@yahoo.com, lashat@ecuo.org, silversilk.mail@gmail.com