Minutes: Regional meeting on access to ARV-treatment in EECA region

regional_meeting_2013-jpg__250x125_q85_upscaleThe First Regional meeting on access to treatment in Eastern Europe and Central Asia region took place in Kyiv, Ukraine from 5 till 6 March, 2013.
The meeting had the following objectives and expected outcomes:


  • Review and discuss the East European and Central Asian Union of PLWH (ECUO) regional advocacy strategy on universal access to treatment including the implementation of the 2013-14 work plan.
  • Support and intensify the role of PLHIV and key affected communities and populations as “agents of change” at national and regional levels.
  • Create a constructive dialogue on how to scale up ARV treatment among stakeholders in the EECA: PLHIV, affected communities, civil society and governments, and regional bodies, and the UN.
  • Establish the Regional Advisory Group (RAG) to provide ECUO with informed advice by the best available evidence and good practices related to achieving universal access to ARV treatment.

Expected Outcomes

  • A Regional Advisory Group (RAG) for the ECUO Regional Strategy is established.
  • Stakeholders better prepared and committed to address the challenges and opportunities at national, regional and international level for ensuring universal access to ARV treatment in EECA region.
  • Activism in the EECA region is galvanized among PLHIV, key populations, affected communities and civil society.

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