Aybar Sultangaziev: Kyrgyzstan presents the best case studies on the sustainability of HIV programs

The leader of the #PARTNERSHIP consortium of NGOs in the Kyrgyz Republic Aybar Sultangaziev spoke about his plans for the upcoming regional forum “Partnership in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic: experience and achievements of the EECA countries”, which starts in Kyiv on October 22.

“At the forum we will tell you what an immense road we managed to pass in a relatively short period of time. We will talk about how we progressed from the very start of the national planning of actions for the transition to state funding to approving the national transition plan, increasing the amount of public funds for HIV programs, procurement of medicines for treating HIV and HCV, and adoption of state social contracting program.

We will share the advocacy experience, talk about how we achieved our goals, what difficulties we faced and how we overcame them”.

The outcomes of the Kyrgyz consortium work are briefly outlined in the brochure:

Download (PDF, 4.42MB)

Regional #PARTNERSHIP forum will be held on October 22-24 in Kyiv, where more than 150 stakeholders will meet: community representatives from Eastern Europe and Central Asia, NGO activists, experts, researchers, health care workers, doctors, scientists, politicians, government officials and representatives of international agencies, initiatives and organizations.